Marketing Ebooks


Growth Hacking Guide

Growth hacking involves a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.This eBook contains:

  • A breakdown of the growth hacking funnel and related examples.
  • A step by step process achieve growth for your business.
  • Tools and resources for growth hacking.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

While most businesses are ready to use LinkedIn for lead generation, they often lack the proper marketing framework required for extracting qualified leads via LinkedIn.This eBook contains:

  • Tips for identifying and extracting your target audience .
  • Tried and tested strategies to approach your target audience.
  • A step by step process to generate quality leads and additional tools to aid you in lead generation.

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Customer Acquisition Strategies

Most startups and small businesses struggle with acquiring customers on a consistent basis. Depending on your industry and business size, you need to invest in specific strategies which can deliver growth.

You can find the following this eBook,

  • Strategies for B2C businesses like remarketing, referrals and conversion optimisation.
  • Strategies for B2B businesses like lead generation, content marketing and email worfklows.

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