solo traveller marketing masala

Project Brief:

Solo Traveller is an app to help solo travellers and backpackers connect while travelling. Using the app, people can find nearby fellow travellers to catch up with them, know more about destination, find travel deals, places to visit and much more to make best out of their travel experience. It is an Australia based company.


Step 01

Understanding the target users

As an app-based service, Solo Traveller required quality installs among an audience of travelers who prefer to travel alone and explore new locations. So we were not only looking for installs but for people who would use the app several times a week.


Step 02

Building a custom strategy

Marketing Masala understood that the app concept is global, so we started by targeting different geographies with PPC advertising.  After running a lot of tests in multiple locations with varied keywords and copies. We optimized the app store content as well to get a better click-to- install ratio.


Step 03

Getting quality users

After targeting across the globe, we narrowed down to a few locations which lead us to successful results.

We helped in decreasing the cost per install by 80% in the first 3 months only with google PPC and FB ads. We tested a few content strategies as well to optimize app store ranking which helped us to increase organic installs by 30% on a weekly basis.


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