tss marketing masala

Project Brief:

The Sports Shop (TSS-EG) is an Egypt based e-commerce website that sells football merchandise across Egypt. They deal with all types of official football merchandise for local and international football teams.


Step 01

Marketing concerns for the client

The Sports Shop (TSS-EG) wanted to utilize digital marketing to boost sales. They had run campaigns before but could not get positive results in terms of ROI. They were spending much more than the business was making.


Step 02

Building a custom strategy

Marketing Masala analyzed the targeted audience for social media marketing and ran multiple split tests for several demographics. We optimized the campaigns step by step to filter the audience and targetings.


Step 03

Boosting our sales and ROI

With our precise audience targeting and optimization, we achieved 350% (revenue vs costs) ROI in just the first 90 days of running social media ads. Our secondary goal was to control the cost per click, which we maintained under 10 cents. We also received a good boost in organic traffic and sales with the right social media content and engagement.

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