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If you are spending $1500+/INR 1 L+ monthly on marketing activities and are still not happy with the results, then this digital marketing audit is for you!

We'll audit every bit of your marketing including content, paid media, analytics, SEO and more.

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Projects Across The Globe

The Marketing Masala team is great at growth marketing. They quickly validate strategies with the help of marketing experiments. Quick and relevant communication is another area where the team is great. I would highly recommend them for any startup/growing business which is looking forward to attaining scale in a data-driven fashion.

Troy Elmes

Troy Elmes

When I  gave the responsibility to handle my organization’s SEM, not only did the talented team achieve what they promised, they surpassed our expectations. SEM is now a profitable marketing channel for us. As a result, I have asked them to handle our entire digital channel and take care of the SEO bit as well.

Shadan Khan

Shadan Khan

It’s really a pleasure working together with Marketing Masala. Not only is the team very structured and organised, they also understand your business very fast and deliver really good value. Highly recommended!

Thomas Kriebernegg

Thomas Kriebernegg

I am extremely happy with Marketing Masala. They are extremely knowledgeable about social media and growth hacking. They have been a hard-working, committed and focused team throughout and I can HIGHLY recommend them! I will definitely be working with them on an ongoing basis.

Kelly Bolton

Kelly Bolton

Why Care for an Audit?


Most digital marketing problems arise when you are spending a lot on different digital channels. The sole reason you need an audit is to identify the activities that are working out for you and the ones which are just burning a hole in your pocket.

free digital marketing audit

What Will This Audit Talk About?

Content Marketing Analysis


This part will involve analyzing your existing content including your blog posts, landing page content, social media channels, lead magnets like eBooks/whitepapers/downloadables and any other content asset.

The sole focus of this part would be to understand which form of content brings you results and content marketing opportunities that you are still missing out on.

content marketing audit

Paid Media Analysis


This part will be about auditing your paid media and analytics. More precisely, this part of the audit will tell you what is performing and what is failing your business. It will also talk about how to better your copies, targeting on search engines and social media. Towards the end, it will also talk about Google Analytics and what you should be doing to use it to it's maximum potential.

Organic Search Analysis


This part will start by analyzing your SEO authority including your web content, backlinks, and other technical factors. We would then talk about how your competitors work and the processes+goals that you need to follow, in order to achieve maximum business potential.


How Will This Audit Work?


digital marketing audit process

What Will We Need From You?

  • READ Only access to your Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Social Media Analytics, Search Console access and any other tools.


  • We will provide you with instructions and steps to do this easily. Just check your inbox after signing up for the audit (check Promotions tab/spam too).


  • We can provide you a signed NDA if you are worried about sharing data/access.


How long will the audit take & how detailed will it be?

The audit shall reach you within 3 business days from the day you provide us with the account access. The audit will be detailed enough to provide you valuable insights based on which, you can pivot your marketing.

What information will you need?

We only need READ only access to your ads accounts, analytics and social media/content related assets.
If you need, we will sign and send you an NDA from our side so that you don’t have to worry about the information you share with us.

Will your team explain the audit to us?

Yes, after you go through the audit, you can schedule a free consultation call to discuss and help you understand the audit further. It will be a 30 min call that you can schedule at your convenience and just like the audit, it will be free of cost.

Are we mandated to signup for any of your services?

The audit is completely free and it’s not necessary to signup for any of our services.