Project Brief:

At Marketing Masala, we spearheaded a dynamic app marketing campaign for a leading consumer mobile app across 55 countries. Our mission was centered on driving growth for the app, improving ad revenues, bolstering retention rates, and optimizing ad spend to maintain profitability.


Step 01

Marketing Goals for the client

The challenge presented by our client was achieving a profitable scale across 50 countries. They also looked forward to improve the Day7 and Day28 retention in the app with a mix of product marketing strategies.


Step 02

App Growth Strategy

Our app marketing agency embarked on extensive testing across Google ads and Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram), 3rd party media, honing in on the perfect amalgamation of target audiences, creative content, app store, and Play Store optimization. We also analyzed every advertising campaign being done by other competitor apps.


Step 03

Budgets from $30k/mo to $100k/mo profitably

Leveraging a strategic blend of Google Ads for app acquisition and a multitude of app store optimization tests, we successfully skyrocketed the budget consumption ( and conversions), reaching a level of annual spends upto $1.2 M/year. Using strategies like tROAS, conversion value maximisation and more, we were able to grow profitably in 55 countries.

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