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Marketing Masala provides PPC marketing services to startups & businesses. We use Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other 3rd party media to achieve your business goals.

Burning budgets in paid media is a responsible job. We understand that and invest  your marketing spend with utmost care. We’re focused on getting conversions from your ad campaigns. Some of the paid media work we do includes the following:

Your digital marketing budget is our responsibility. We invest it where it makes the most impact.

Shortlising ad networks

After we understand your target audience and goals, we strategize the best possible ad networks to invest in.

Testing with small budgets

Rather than going all in with ad budgets, we do test campaigns with small budgets to understand what works.

Scaling what works

After we've received a sizeable amount of results from the test budgets, we decide where to invest our budgets at scale.

We only hire Paid Media Experts

The team at Marketing Masala does not stop after setting up campaigns. We work with the best PPC professionals who help us continuously optimize campaigns, analyze data and take business decisions for the client. Their analytical skills are complimented by our creative team which knows how to put a marketing message across in the best way possible.

Why work with us ?

Business growth for our clients is at the heart of what we do. A perfect combination of our analytical PPC skills and creative juices help us achieve newer heights for your business.

We are the marketing "nerds". Data and creative flow is what we are always after. We run a lot of marketing experiments till we find the perfect funnel for your business that can be scaled when more resources are poured in.

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