Project Brief:

At Marketing Masala, we spearheaded a dynamic SaaS marketing campaign for a social listening SaaS tool across APAC (Asia Pacific). We were focused on quality B2B lead generation, marketing automation and improving the lead qualification rate.


Step 01

Marketing Goals for the client

The client came to Marketing Masala with a core problem for their enterprise SaaS tool – increasing the volume of quality leads. Other problems included a high cost per lead and and low lead qualification rate.


Step 02

SaaS Growth Strategy

Our SaaS marketing agency team started looking at their current efforts and analyzed the gaps. The first step was to move all marketing efforts to Google Ads and LinkedIn marketing. We devised funnels on these platforms which eventually led to campaign success.


Step 03

Cost Per Lead reduced by 70 percent

Using a mix of Google ads media, LinkedIn B2B outreaches and email marketing automation, Marketing Masala achieved 130 qualified leads over a period of 90 days. These leads were the end-decision makers of the client’s customers which led to a heavily improved sales rate towards the end of the funnel.

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