About us

Marketing Masala is a growth hacking & digital marketing agency based in India. We’ve been working with growing startups and established brands across 4 continents.

User acquisition, conversion rate optimisation and lead generation are areas where we excel. We’ve had the pleasure to market companies which range from the size of early-stage startups to established multinational companies.

Some of the popular verticals we’ve been working on include eCommerce, mobile apps and SaaS products.

We are a strong team of data-driven growth marketers, digital advertising experts and user acquisition strategists. We are not just a digital strategy company. We help you at all stages, from drafting a strategy, executing the same and pivoting when needed.

Our processes involve building marketing experiments, quickly validating them, scaling what works and discarding whatever doesn’t.


Paid Media

Customer journeys matter most to us. That's why we craft the perfect marketing message for your customers who might be at any stage of the sales funnel. Whether you use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or other forms of advertising, we help you plan and execute campaigns which always over exceed your expectations.

Content Marketing

Blending valuable content and lead magnets to build a rapport with your customers is what we love to do. We understand how potential customers make their buying decisions. Our inbound marketing funnels draw users via valuable resources, capture them with lead magnets and warm them up to a buying stage.

Growth Hacking

Start-ups have always been an integral part of our work. Growth hacking marketing is something we've implemented with start-ups as well as established brands. Our work involves testing marketing experiments, validating results, scaling marketing activities that work and discarding whatever doesn't.

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We deliver business growth


Growth in eComm ROI


Reduction in Cost Per Install


Increase in Organic Traffic

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Susmita Sarkar

Content Marketing Manager


Ankit Sharma

Senior Designer


We help businesses across 5 continents

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We care about numbers and impact.

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