Growth Marketing for your business

Marketing Masala is a paid media marketing
agency working with clients across 5 continents.
We help eCommerce, Mobile Apps, Edtech and
SaaS businesses grow better.


Paid Media Marketing

At Marketing Masala, we prioritize understanding and enhancing the customer journey. Our focus is on tailoring precise marketing messages suitable for every stage of the sales funnel. Whether utilizing Facebook (Meta) Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, or 3rd Party Ads, we ensure that each campaign we design and implement is strategically aligned with your business objectives.

Full Funnel Marketing

Our method starts with targeting the right audience – an essential element for a thriving funnel. Building upon this, we harness industry best practices to refine and optimize touchpoints, ensuring optimal conversion rates. By leveraging an arsenal of resources, from landing pages and marketing automation to paid media, we craft a seamless funnel, infused with a touch of creative genius.

Growth Stories from Clients


Anna Rehermann | Growth Hacking Asia

Marketing Masala is one of the best growth hacking teams I have worked with so far! At the beginning of each project, they define clear metrics and goals and develop creative strategies to achieve them. They possess strong skills in a variety of digital marketing techniques (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.) and are great at communication as well. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and highly skilled growth hacking partner.


Thomas Kriebernegg | AppRadar

It’s really a pleasure working together with Marketing Masala. Not only is the team very structured and organised, they also understand your business very fast and deliver really good value. Highly recommended!


Troy Elmes | SoloTraveller App

The Marketing Masala team is great at growth marketing. They quickly validate strategies with the help of marketing experiments. Quick and relevant communication is another area where the team is great. I would highly recommend them for any startup/growing business which is looking forward to attaining scale in a data-driven fashion.


Nuno Covas | Radarr

I have been working with Marketing Masala on the marketing and lead generation of Radarr for over 3 months and it has been a great experience. They understand digital marketing strategies at a core level which are necessary to fuel a startup’s growth. They helped us generate a lot of quality leads that accelerated our growth in a short span of time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking forward to growing their startup business in the digital space!

Kelly Bolton |AGM Agency

I am extremely happy with Marketing Masala. They are extremely knowledgeable about social media and growth hacking. They have been a hard-working, committed and focused team throughout and I can HIGHLY recommend them!


Shadan Khan | IMIMobile

When I gave the responsibility to handle my organization’s SEM, not only did the talented team achieve what they promised, they surpassed our expectations. SEM is now a profitable marketing channel for us. As a result, I have asked them to handle our entire digital channel including the SEO bit as well.


We've helped businesses across 5 continents

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Digital Agency

We care about numbers and impact.

We put your money where it's worth.

We love optimizing campaigns.

We visualize full funnels, not just traffic.

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More About Us

Based in India, Marketing Masala is a top-tier paid media agency and a recognized growth marketing partner for many businesses. Our digital marketing clientele extends across five continents, ranging from emerging startups to enterprises.

We specialize in customer acquisition, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization. We are focused on eCommerce, Mobile Apps, Edtech and SaaS businesses.

Comprising a team of paid media strategists, creative professionals and growth hackers, we are committed to delivering measurable results. We don’t just draft strategies; we ensure they are implemented, tested, and adjusted as needed to maximize outcomes.

Our methodology emphasizes creating and testing marketing initiatives, rapidly validating results, scaling successful strategies, and discontinuing what doesn’t work.