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We are a growth hacking & digital marketing agency based in India. We've been working with growing startups and established brands across 4 continents.

User acquisition, conversion rate optimisation and lead generation are areas where we excel. We've had the pleasure to market companies which range from the size of early-stage startups to established multinational companies.

Some of the popular verticals we've been working on include eCommerce, mobile apps and SaaS products.

We are a strong team of data-driven growth marketers, digital advertising experts and user acquisition strategists. We are not just a digital strategy company. We help you at all stages, from drafting a strategy, executing the same and pivoting when needed.

Our processes involve building marketing experiments, quickly validating them, scaling what works and discarding whatever doesn't.

Our Services

Digital Advertising

Customer journeys matter most to us. That's why we craft the perfect marketing message for your customers who might be at any stage of the sales funnel. Whether you use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or other forms of advertising, we help you plan and execute campaigns which always over exceed your expectations.

Lead generation

Understanding what a qualified lead means to you, researching, educating and warming them up to subsequently close the sale is how we move ahead. Our lead generation processes involve identifying decision makers, nurturing them, making them ready for the sale and handing over them to you.

Inbound Marketing

Blending valuable content and lead magnets to build a rapport with your customers is what we love to do. We understand how potential customers make their buying decisions. Our inbound marketing funnels draw users via valuable resources, capture them with lead magnets and warm them up to a buying stage.

Growth Hacking

Start-ups have always been an integral part of our work. Growth hacking marketing is something we've implemented with start-ups as well as established brands. Our work involves testing marketing experiments, validating results, scaling marketing activities that work and discarding whatever doesn't.

Social Media Marketing

We understand the importance of connecting with customers at a personal level. Social media engagements are super important to us. We help clients define their content strategy, acquisition plans via social media and run thorough analytics to understand what works and what doesn't.


Your team might be doing everything possible within marketing. And that might be the reason your business isn't growing. Our consulting work involves identifying gaps and opportunities in your marketing campaigns, pivoting your strategies and achieving goals which fit your ROI equation comfortably.

What our clients say

Marketing Masala is one of the best growth hacking teams I have worked with so far! At the beginning of each project, they define clear metrics and goals and develop creative strategies to achieve them. They possess strong skills in a variety of digital marketing techniques (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.) and are great at communication as well. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and highly skilled growth hacking partner.

Anna Rehermann

Anna Rehermann

I have been working with Marketing Masala on the marketing and lead generation of Circus Social for over 3 months and it has been a great experience. They understand digital marketing strategies at a core level which are necessary to fuel a startup’s growth. They helped us generate a lot of quality leads for Circus Social that accelerated our growth in a short span of time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking forward to growing their startup in the digital space!

Nuno Covas

Nuno Covas

The Marketing Masala team is great at growth marketing. They quickly validate strategies with the help of marketing experiments. Quick and relevant communication is another area where the team is great. I would highly recommend them for any startup/growing business which is looking forward to attaining scale in a data-driven fashion.

Troy Elmes

Troy Elmes

When I  gave the responsibility to handle my organization’s SEM, not only did the talented team achieve what they promised, they surpassed our expectations. SEM is now a profitable marketing channel for us. As a result, I have asked them to handle our entire digital channel and take care of the SEO bit as well.

Shadan Khan

Shadan Khan

It’s really a pleasure working together with Marketing Masala. Not only is the team very structured and organised, they also understand your business very fast and deliver really good value. Highly recommended!

Thomas Kriebernegg

Thomas Kriebernegg

I am extremely happy with Marketing Masala. They are extremely knowledgeable about social media and growth hacking. They have been a hard-working, committed and focused team throughout and I can HIGHLY recommend them! I will definitely be working with them on an ongoing basis.

Kelly Bolton

Kelly Bolton

Our Client Base


Meet our Experts

Shivankit Arora

Shivankit Arora

Founder and CEO

Shivankit started Marketing Masala in 2015 and now looks after business expansion, strategic campaigns for clients and the team’s growth.

Pranay Joshi

Pranay Joshi

Campaign Delivery Manager

Pranay makes sure that all clients are achieving their desired results in paid media, content marketing and other digital departments.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma

Content Marketing Manager

Pooja collaborates across multiple content and design team members and makes sure clients are fully satisfied when it comes to content marketing.


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