Project Brief:

At Marketing Masala, we spearheaded a dynamic ecommerce marketing campaign for a leading skincare brand across Kenya and Nigeria. Our mission was centered on driving growth for ecommerce, enhancing customer acquisition, bolstering retention rates, and optimizing ad spend to maintain profitability.


Step 01

Marketing Goals for the client

The challenge presented by our client was a suboptimal ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 1. They sought innovative solutions for escalating their AOV (Average Order Value) and LTV (Lifetime Value). Additionally, they required advancements in marketing automation and the development of strategic new funnels, key elements in the realm of ecommerce marketing.


Step 02

eCommerce Growth Strategy

Our ecommerce marketing agency embarked on extensive testing across Google ads and Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram), honing in on the perfect amalgamation of target audiences, creative content, landing page optimization, and crucial technical parameters. This strategic approach is a cornerstone of our methodology in fostering growth for ecommerce.


Step 03

1x ROAS to 5x ROAS in 6 months

Leveraging a strategic blend of Google Ads ecommerce, Facebook ads for ecommerce, and Instagram advertising, we successfully skyrocketed the ROAS from 1x to an impressive 5x in just 180 days. This remarkable growth was achieved by amplifying the average order value, enhancing the rate of returning customers, and effectively reducing the CAC (Cost of Acquisition) for new clientele.

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