Project Brief:

At Marketing Masala, we spearheaded an Edtech marketing campaign for a leading professional courses company in Kenya. The focus was to improve CPL, lead qualification rate and overall ‘lead to sale’ ratios.


Step 01

Marketing Goals for the client

The Edtech client reached out to Marketing Masala once they were ready to scale their business post their recent funding round. MM was given the responsibility to scale the number of leads, improve lead MQL to SQL ration and take control of the marketing automation in this process as well.


Step 02

EdTech Growth Strategy

Our EdTech marketing agency team started looking at their current efforts and looked for opportunities. The major changes involved a complete change in landing pages, user experience, ad creative and marketing automation.


Step 03

Cost Per Lead reduced by 75 percent

We used Google ads. Facebook Ads, email marketing automation, custom landing pages, and LinkedIn ads to push towards our goals. An omnichannel marketing strategy led us to an overall decrease in the CPLs. This resulted in profitable revenues which were sustained for the long term.

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