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What Is This Course About?

This course is all about how to take your business or marketing skillset to the moon with growth marketing. This is an example-oriented, data-driven course which will teach you the following things in detail:

  • Acquiring the right users: In this part, you will learn about how to generate quality traffic, bring in the right set of eyeballs and make sure that your business gets visibility among those who matter the most.
  • Activating them in your funnel: The next step in this course is about how to turn your quality traffic into subscribers, app installers or first time paying customers.
  • Retaining as many users as possible: This part is about how to make sure that you retain customers for life and never lose a dollar from customers who are exiting your funnel.
  • Referrals for more customers: This is all about optimising your funnel to encourage existing users/customers to bring new customers. For free!

Revenue: Cash is king! At the end of the day, you need to know your numbers around revenue. This part of the course will equip you with strategies to make your business into a thriving cashflow machine.

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A free email course that will

  • Explain to you what growth hacking is and the principles around it.
  • Show you real-life examples of companies which rocketed their business and revenue.
  • Guide you through the exact strategies and tools needed to grow your business.

We will send you one email a day and help you understand growth marketing at a core level so that you can apply it to your business right after 7 days!

What You Will Learn In This Course?

What Is Growth Hacking?

  • What is growth hacking all about and how to develop a growth    marketer mentality?
  • Understand different parts of the growth marketing ecosystem like acquisition, retention of customers, getting more referrals and managing costs at all levels.
  • The tools which are needed to manage users at each part of the marketing funnel. This includes free and paid tools.
  • Examples of different business models and how growth marketing applies to all of them.

Different Customer Stages

  • Understand various stages of customer lifecycle and how users interact with your business.
  • How to use Google Analytics to identify all touch points and interactions with your customers and users.
  • Understand different types of marketing messaging that should be used to address users stuck at different parts of your funnel.
  • How to make customers stay for life with your business which subsequently leads to recurring revenue.

The AARRR Framework

  • Learn how to apply AARRR funnel for your business and ace all parts of your marketing.
  • Understand the type of interaction your customers would need to move them further in the funnel.
  • Set goals for your business at every level of the funnel like clicks to customers, retained customers vs total customers, lifetime value of a customer etc.
  • How to use Google Analytics and reports to show you all the metrics as a funnel.

Growth Case Studies

  • Learn how popular companies like Dropbox and Airbnb hacked their growth.
  • Learn about how companies identify where there customers hang out and target them accordingly.
  • Learn how customers use 3rd party platforms or their existing customers to grow their business.
  • Learn how companies cut down their cost of customer acquisition by a vast margin.

A Growth Template For You

  • Learn to create a custom growth hacking strategy for any business with the help of free cheat sheet.
  • Follow a defined framework with checklists and milestones to address users at each stage of your funnel.
  • Teach your marketing team to follow a scientific way of approaching growth hacking and applying it step by step.

Who Should Take This Course?

Agency Owner: If you are struggling with increasing client base, company revenue or retaining more clients, this course is for you.

Freelancers: Stand out in the crowd and separate yourself from mediocre DM professionals who are still stuck with generic marketing solutions.

Marketing professionals: Help your career and your company to leverage data-driven marketing and the growth hacking frameworks we offer.

Business owner: Learn where your marketing funnel is leaking and apply concrete strategies to fix them. Get an edge over your competition and grow your revenue.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Grow Business Revenue

Understand marketing in a data driven fashion for your business. This course will help you focus on KPI’s that actually make a difference and how to achieve them with the minimum investment of time and resources. While most of your competitors are stuck with improving SEO or getting more followers, this growth hacking course will get you to look at the things that actually move your business forward.

Bring In New Clients

If you are in the competitive B2B space and lookout for clients continuously, learn how to use data and marketing to bring clients to you in an auto-pilot fashion. This course will teach you how to position you or your business better, how to engage leads using automation and make sure that your business is an unstoppable revenue machine.

Ace Your Skills

This course will help you take your marketing career to the next level. While most of the market is stuck with generic social media and SEO services, you will stand out as a professional who understands marketing from the top to the bottom of the funnel. This will enable you to pitch your services or ideas in a data-driven fashion to which no-one can turn a deaf ear to.

Think Like A CMO

If you are still new to the digital marketing space and  are quickly looking to learn more than what the world already knows, this course will help you know what top level marketing managers actually care for. The best part is that the cheat sheets and actionable strategies in the course will enable you to get started right away and think like a chief marketing officer.