5 Free Email Marketing Tools [Infographic]

Email marketing is the first form of digital marketing. In its broadest sense, it translates into sending of emails to existing and potential customers. With the advent of digital revolution, the importance of email marketing has only deepened.


The following reasons have made it an asset to the marketing industry:

  • Increased internet usage
  • Rising penetration of smartphones
  • Awareness regarding its benefits

Today, email marketing packs a punch with its additional features. From segmentation and automation to testing campaigns and analytics, email marketing offers a lot that can be capitalized to produce gainful results.

To get started we suggest MailChimp, SendGrid, MailerLite, FreshMail, and ReachMail that provide the following features for a productive email marketing experience:

  • Automation
  • Autoresponders
  • A/B Testing
  • Visual editing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Social sharing
  • Send time Optimization

These are some of the email marketing software we recommend to boost your business growth. What are your thoughts?


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