SaaS Marketing For Startups [Infographic]

SaaS marketing is completely different from traditional marketing. And with the number of startups growing in each SaaS sector, it is getting more and more difficult to acquire new customers.


In the above infographic, we have talked about the marketing strategies we use while dealing with SaaS projects. Let’s dive into it right away:

#1 LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a no-brainer when it comes to B2B marketing. It’s a pity on how B2B marketers are still not using it the right way. It is all about building the right relationships. Here is how to do it:

  • Understand who the decision maker is. This means figuring who is going to say yes or no while buying your product for the company.
  • Use LinkedIn’s advanced search functionality to find out all the decision makers in your target industry and geography.
  • Send them a connect request and upon acceptance, start interacting with them (don’t pitch them right away). Interact with their content and about their content updates.
  • Pitch them with a soft sell and ask for 10 minutes for a quick call/demo

In the past, we’ve helped Circus Social generate over 130 leads in 70 days using the exact same Linkedin lead generation strategy. And we are talking leads like Amazon and McDonalds.

#2 PPC + Remarketing

If people search for your product (or a software that gives the solution you do), you are in for a treat. The simple steps to execute this strategy are :

  • Bring in new users by running targeting PPC ads.
  • Add them to their remarketing list whenever they don’t take the desired action you wanted them to take.
  • Remarket them with tempting messaging and continuously optimise the same for conversions.

#3 Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a process of attracting users in an inbound fashion ( basically getting traffic for free!) This can be achieved by :

  • Creating valuable content that tempts people to land on your site.
  • Convert visitors into leads by using the compelling call to actions and lead magnets.
  • Nurturing leads through remarketing and email marketing.

Those were some of our core SaaS marketing strategies. What are your thoughts?

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